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We have temporarily suspended our pre-natal consultations due to appointment availability.

Looking for a caring, family-centered pediatrician in Los Angeles?  You’ve come to the right place.  At Larchmont Pediatrics, we love kids, and we pride ourselves on providing compassionate, comprehensive medical care to children from birth through adolescence.

Larchmont Pediatrics offers a full range of pediatric care including prenatal visits for expecting parents, well-child check-ups, immunizations, and sick appointments.  Our caring team is committed to providing quality service in a comfortable setting where children, teens, and parents can feel at ease.   We believe exceptional care is obtained when there is an on-going relationship between the doctor, the patient, and the parents. We take the time to talk with both you, the parents, and your child to help you understand your child’s needs.  We want to be lifelong partners in your child’s health and wellness.

Larchmont Pediatrics looks forward to walking with you and your child as we guide your child along a path of optimal health and wellness.  We would love to get to know you and your family better .

COVID-19:  We know you have lots of questions and a lot of anxiety about COVID-19. Please click here to go to the Los Angeles Department of Public Health Website for answers to FAQ's. We are inundated with phone calls and are trying to return them as quickly as possible. Please be patient with us and if you still have questions after going to this website and their recommended links you may call us back.

Most importantly, stay calm. If you or your child are sick, please stay home.  Wash your hands frequently.  Don't touch your face. If you are sick, wear a face mask. If you are not sick, you do not need to wear a face mask.  If your child has a mild illness, treat it as you would treat any other cold or viral illness. If your child has asthma and is sick, treat them as you would treat any other cold or viral illness. If your child has shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, or wheezing, then they need to be seen in our office. Please put a mask on them when you bring them to our office.

At this time, we are only allowing one HEALTHY caregiver to bring a child in.  Please limit bringing siblings to our office and do not bring siblings to our office if they are sick unless you want them to be seen.  We are doing well visits only in the morning and sick visits only in the afternoon.  If your child has a mild illness and you would like to talk to the doctor but not bring them in, then we will do a telemedicine visit (like FaceTiming but with a special app). Please note that we will bill insurance for the telemedicine visits. Also, now with new insurance guidelines, we will be billing your insurance for phone calls as well.

Note to our families regarding after hours care

Due to the overwhelming demands on our physicians, brought about by COVID, we have opted to begin using a nurse for urgent after hours issues. This will allow our doctors to be rested and ready to see patients during office hours.   If you have an urgent matter than cannot wait until our regular business hours, you can call the office and press "0" once the voicemail answers.  This will transfer your call to the nurse who is on call. You will speak to a registered nurse who can help you and is able to reach one of our physicians if needed.  If it is a life threatening emergency, please do not call the office, call 911.

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Our Office Hours are 8am to 5pm Monday through Friday (excluding holidays)

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Dr. Neville Anderson, Dr Amaka Priest, and Dr Courtney Mannino are board certified pediatricians who bring a comprehensive yet individualistic approach to Larchmont Pediatrics. To find out more about Dr. Anderson, Dr Priest, and Dr Mannino visit the link provided below. 

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